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Getting Started

Please make sure you download the most recent version of Zoom prior to joining the Challenge Forum on February 25.  This will ensure that you have the best experience for viewing and participating in the event.  Please find this link to download the most recent version https://zoom.us/download.

Try to set your device up for the day in a quiet space that has good lighting.  Avoid having a window behind you when possible and make sure there is light on your face so we can see you throughout the event. 

Tip: using headphones may help with your audio.

Students & Coaches- Please be sure to have your Playbook, AC white board paddles & markers, and a pen close by.  Our emcee will be cueing up these items at different parts of the day.

When logging into zoom- please rename yourself by typing in you First Name, Last Name Initial, and Your School Number (example: Caleb G., 1, Miami High School) .  This will assist us in getting your placed into your correct school breakout room.

During the morning, lunch, and afternoon break, please do not log off.  It will be best to mute your microphone and turn off your camera.  This will assist us in ensuring you stay in your team breakout room when coming back from breaks.