2022 Aspen Challenge: Miami Challenges

Diana Chao

I challenge you to design a program to strengthen your community’s mental health by appreciating our unique identities and the infinite variations of the human experience.

Marsha Frith

I challenge you to develop a strategy to combat online hate speech and trolling, and transform social media platforms into a space for inclusion, allyship, and positive social interaction.

Kenneth Furton

I challenge you to design the “school of tomorrow” by developing a program that makes school a place where students feel confident in the skills and knowledge they are acquiring and supports and celebrates students’ educational opportunities.

Yoca Arditi-Rocha

The CLEO Institute challenges you to create a school climate action plan that follows the clean energy task force’s recommendations and utilizes a multi-stakeholder, educational campaign to help fight the climate crisis in Miami.

Joe Zubizaretta

I challenge you to find ways to make your generation the last ALICE generation (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) by designing a solution that encourages families to utilize community resources that help achieve economic stability.